Compiled here:  Ukulele and Native American flute music files for download or listening.

You can listen by selecting the triangular play button on the players below.  Or, you can download the file (mp3) and have it on your computer, if you wish.  To download the file (if it is available for download), click on the down arrow on the right of the player.

 “How Great is Our God ” by Chris Tomlin, 2005

“I Am the Vine” by John Michael Talbot, 1989

Most hymns have ukulele chords to accompany an Am Native American style flute.  The chords and flute fingerings for this song are to accompany a low D Native American style flute.

“Heavenly Sunshine”: Children’s Hymn that we all love, regardless of age

“They’ll Know We Are Christians by our Love” by Peter Scholtes, 1966

(pdf for ukulele chords and Native American flute tab)

“Praise to His Name” by GospelUkulele, 2012

“Jesus is the Answer” by Sandra & Andraé Crouch, 1972 (?)

“Everyday Ukulele Prayer” by GospelUkulele, 2011

“El Shaddai” by Michael Card & John Thompson, 1981

“Just As I Am” by  Charlotte Eliot, 1835

“On the Wings of a Dove” by  Bob Ferguson, 1960

“Awesome God” by Rich Mullins, 1988

“Kumbuya” (Come by Here), 1930s

“Seek Ye First” by Karen Lafferty, 1972


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