Hymns, Church and Stringed Instruments and a contest

It’s been interesting to read how Rev Eliot’s ukulele intentions went this summer.

On Scott’s blog he asked what hymns work best on the ukulele.  My response would be if you can imagine it then it could work on the ukulele.

How you play a hymn — strumming, fingerpicking — will make some difference in the style of the hymn — but that is about preference.  The ukulele is not an instrument where anyone should say, “This song won’t work on the uke.”  Especially if it is a hymn.

I had not heard of a Psalmodikon instrument before (also mentioned by Scott) which has interesting possibilities.

Also, it’s not to late to enter the ukulele contest by UkuleleGodspellcontest.

Here’s one of the entries.



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